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My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?

Starting an online business can be frustrating. That is a fact especially if you are new to online entrepreneurship. I stress the importance of doing your due diligence when choosing to work with an online company. That is why I am doing this honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

Before you invest your time, energy and hard-earned cash or credit do your research. Trust me. I know what can happen when you don’t. You can end up like me, two thousand dollars in the red. With that said, I must say that I commend you for doing your due diligence before signing up for any program.

The fact that you are reading this post is evidence that you do your research. I wish I had the sense to do my due diligence before I signed up for the company that robbed me of $1997. Because of that experience, I take it as my duty to provide you with this honest review.

My honest Wealthy Affiliate review will give you all the information you need on the program. By the end of this post, you will be able to make an informed decision whether to sign up or not. So continue to read on.

What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform and community. The platform provides comprehensive training and coaching to internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. They have been in existence for over a decade. As a WA member, you have access to various tools, features, and training.

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?These tools will make starting an online business more manageable. Also, the education will get you starting or scaling your online companies faster. You can do everything for your business without leaving the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The community of affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs are super helpful and responsive. I was skeptical the first time I came across Wealthy Affiliate. It is okay to be a little skeptical when a company offer to do this and that for free. You ask yourself, what’s the catch? Their website peaked my interest, but my scamometer was on high alert.

The Sign-Up Process – Their Platform

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?They made an excellent first impression by providing ample insight into their program. I knew what I was getting before I signed up. Most programs you have to sign up to know what it is all about. The best part was that I could try it for free with no credit card required. So I signed up of course!

They have two membership options. One is a free starter membership. You can remain a free member for as long as you desire, forever if you wish! You also have the option to join or upgrade to a premium membership for $49.00/month. When I compared their monthly fee with other programs that offer way less, $49.00 is a steal.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community: A Friendly and Supportive Group

Immediately after joining the site, many community members welcomed me. They know how to make someone feel like a VIP. People reached out and offered to answer questions if I needed. I was very pleased with the culture of the community.

Another thing that was impressive was that you do not have to join a separate Facebook group to network. You can network with other online entrepreneurs in the Wealthy Affiliate community. They have live chat and experts available at any time to answer questions. That is great for me because I am a night owl and I am awake at odd hours.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training: Interactive Education

My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review, Is It A Scam?There are many ways to start an online business. You can throw up a website, add some links or products and hope to get traffic. Alternatively, you can do it the right way. That way includes having the proper training, the right tools and the right people in your corner. WA provides access to all you need to build a successful business online.

They offer a step by step approach to training. Their training has a structure that is so easy to follow and take action along the way. They provide training that is well suited to various learning styles. You can enjoy video and text tutorials, core training courses and live classes weekly. Throughout the training, you have tasks to complete and check off, so you remain on track.

The training steps are not complicated to follow but taking action will take some effort. Again, if anyone tells you that building a successful online business is easy, they are a fraud. It takes hard work, discipline and a willingness to succeed. AWealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you take action, you will be up and running faster than those who don’t have the right training.

The Tools and Features: For Superior Online Entrepreneurship

A reliable and efficient website and web-hosting are essential to success online. Building a site used to be a daunting task and took forever! Back in the day, you would need advanced technical skills and knowledge of coding to create a website. Today building a website is a breeze.

Plugins and other tools make this possible, and they are available through WA. They offer WordPress sites with managed WordPress hosting. That means you get access to beautiful themes as well as fast and reliable hosting and support.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Research

In the world of online entrepreneurship, proper research is paramount to success. It is great to have tools that assist with keyword research, SEO and content creation. The tools that WA have built into their platform to make keyword and niche research easier is Jaaxy. The SiteRubix is the platform for creating and publishing your content. You can also use it to analyze your SEO campaigns.

Consistency is vital in keeping your audience engaged. One key feature of the content creation platform is the ability to set writing goals. You can also create content using templates. You can publish the content you created on Wealthy Affiliate to your website, with one click of a button.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros vs. Cons


  • You get to test drive the platform for free, no credit card required.
  • No obligation to upgrade, you can remain a starter member for as long as you like. No upsells except occasional specials for premium.
  • The premium membership price is very affordable. It is more affordable than any other membership site that I have used. Moreover, you get way more tools and features.
  • They have been in business since 2005, so they have over a decade of experience.
  • No spamming permitted on the platform.
  • The community is fantastic, and you can get support and coaching from expert members. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are active on the platform so you can ask them questions as well.


  • For newbies, the amount of information available in training can be overwhelming. It is best to pace yourself and ask for help if you do not understand a concept.
  • The free starter membership is a taste.
  • Live Help is available for only 7 days to free starter members.
  • The navigation on the platform can be confusing at first. Various buttons take you to the same destination on the site.


I hope that my honest Wealthy Affiliate review gave you the information you need. I want you to be able to make a well-informed decision. Click here to check out Wealthy Affiliate University and decide for yourself if it is a right fit for you.

The best way you will succeed online is to have the proper education, the right tools, and the right coach or mentor. It is essential to learn and model after someone who is already successful in doing the thing that you want to do.

I wish you much success in your online entrepreneurial journey. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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