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5 Mistakes Freelancers Make and How To Avoid Them

Mistakes Freelancers Make

There are a few lucrative online businesses that an online entrepreneur can start. These days, you can do more than sell your old books on Amazon and your old items on eBay. Now you can sell your professional capabilities in a market as a freelancer. Freelancing platforms have made it much easier for freelancers and clients to connect. No one freelancer is perfect. We are all prone to error and making mistakes. However, if we have any sense at all, we learn from those mistakes. Here are 5 Mistakes freelancers make and how to avoid them.

Not Meeting Deadlines

As a freelancer, your reputation is of utmost importance. Your ability to put out quality work and meet deadlines is what makes for good standing. If you overlook deadlines too often, you’ll soon see your clients dwindle.

Avoid missing deadlines by making meeting deadlines a priority. One way to meet deadlines is to over-estimate the time the project will take to complete. Do not underestimate how long a project will take.

Give yourself enough time to complete the project. Be reasonable and realistic. Break up your assignments into smaller steps. Doing so will help you to remain productive and accountable along the way.


Underpricing Most new freelancers undervalue themselves and charge less than they’re worth. That’s all right if you’re starting out and trying to build a portfolio and reputation.

Once you have some fantastic work under your belt, don’t hesitate to ask for what you’re worth. Otherwise, you’re selling yourself short. You will end up feeling resentful of your business because you are not making the income you are worth.

Prevent underpricing by checking the prices of others in your niche. See what they charge for the same service. You can consider charging a bit more. It will tell customers that your work is valuable. Consider your time, effort and client demands when pricing your services.

A great way to do the math is to determine your income goal for the project. Then decide how many hours the project will take to complete. You divide your income goal by the number of hours and charge according.

Not Identifying The Ideal Client

Mistakes Freelancers MakeOnce you have an idea of the services to offer, it is essential to identify your ideal client. By having a good sense of your ideal client, you will be better able to understand how you can provide value to them.

Research the target and niche market before developing your pitch. Write out a thorough profile of your ideal client. Determine how the person look. Create an avatar and give him or her a name. Knowing the demographics of your ideal client and where you can find them is crucial.

Know their wants, needs and understand the problems they want to solve. Once you have these details, you can better serve your client with the services you provide. You now can provide a service that meets their specific need and solve their problem.

Avoiding Follow Up

Mistakes Freelancers Make Very often a freelancer will finish an assignment, and move on to another client. Once you complete a project, you may want to check it off your list and move on to your next assignment. I can understand that, but avoiding follow up can hurt your business.

Do not assume that no news is good news when it comes to the quality of your work. It is a good practice to ask for feedback from clients to ensure their satisfaction. Offer revisions if necessary, this can go a long way for customer satisfaction. It can also open doors for a future business relationship and word of mouth referrals.

Not Making Connections

As a freelancer, it is usually a one-person show. It can get lonely and be isolating at times. Networking and marketing are crucial to any business. Freelancing is not exempt. You can not expect to depend on a select few clients. If they drop you for any reason, you lose a stream of income. If you fail to network and market yourself, you will fail at business. You must always have a marketing strategy for getting more clients.

Going to networking events and joining a few networking groups on social media is a great avenue. You can learn from more seasoned freelancers. You can get support and communicate with like-minded people. There is a possibility of meeting people that can give you marketing tips and referrals. Not to mention you can learn other ways to increase and diversify your streams of income.


The five mistakes addressed in this post are not the only mistakes freelancers make. However, this list does provide the most common mistakes. If you have already made some of those mistakes, don’t lose heart.

Remember to learn from your mistakes and correct them. Don’t remain in regret but continue to move forward. Take corrective action to make your business what you want it to be.

What are some other mistakes that come to your mind? What are the mistakes you have made as a freelancer?

Please leave your feedback in the comment section below. I welcome dialog about this subject.

Mistakes Freelancers Make






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